Tagging the real world...

Augmented tagging system whereby user can 'tag' the real world via their mobile device in augmented reality.
So static objects/spaces can be used to express yourself (leaving your mark) using a variety of built in creative tools.

These can consists of drawings (animated perhaps) video snippets, 3D forms and any other creative object that can be conceived.
So perhaps minecraft type tools that allow the user to 'build' stuff People themselves can be tagged via location on their mobile device and their augmented tag will be visible as long as they are carrying their location aware device.
Users can perhaps collaborate on shared pieces that can be as big as they like Could be used to protest, explain, like, commemorate, or just plain tag yourself.Users can perhaps be allowed to add to newly created pieces.Really cool and creative tags (all tags really) can be liked and then found via their popularity Users can perhaps explore the augmented world via a static position.

Brands can perhaps use the system to promote products, offers, promotion within this augmented environment.

These tags can contain links, directions to a specific thing, location of importance Experience the world through a completely new lens and see creativity all around you.