Shop for anything, anywhere...

So imagine a platform that allowed you to search the real world in real time for products to buy or services for hire.

Literally search the high street for anything and from anywhere.

Find something, click and collect or arrange to go and try on or test/use. They can even decide to buy the product online still and have it delivered instead of going to the store that moment so basically the best of both worlds, all the added experience of actually shopping without posing the convenience and ease of the online shopping experience.


But they can also browse and shop this real world from the comfort of their own home or anywhere and find products to buy and have delivered or choose to click and collect.


It means creating a system where the inventory of all shops is aggregated into one database where the user can scan and search and compare products in the ‘real’ world at a glance and see exactly where the product actually is if they so wish to go and buy it or just try it on themselves in person


Could be a completely open platform but would really well in a Mall/Shopping centre environment like Westfield for example - easier to control the product inventory and cataloging system that would drive the platform. There is an infrastructure in place already to piggyback on and improve upon.


Add on - how about asking the ‘high street’ for something and getting immediate feedback from a real retailer near you - I need a ........    Come down to ........... we’ve got some at half price...